4 February 2012

Dance trophy for Sam

Sam won this trophy today for his Irish dancing (beginners' reel) and a medal each for the single jig and the slip jig. He came first in all three dances in Den Haag.

Congratulations Sam, "reely" well done!
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22 December 2011

Spot the difference

One of Jim Henson's loveable creations, and a muppet

(Damian Thompson, Daily Telegraph)
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28 November 2011

From the attic

My project this winter is to raid the attic of old photos, scan them and publish them on the web. Here's the first batch. Are you in there somewhere? :D

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From the Attic Vol 1
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24 November 2011

Engage band

Here we are at "The Awakening" gospel show at the Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen.

(L-R) Dan Pearson, Billy Aitken (guitars) Laura Reid, Phil Buchan, Richard Gray (vocals/guitar/keyboard) Iain Coull (drums) Stu Yates (bass)

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More pics here
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2 October 2011

Carpe diem

...seize the day! Paul took this early morning photo of yours truly as we walked up to the Point of Origin, high above Kemnay Quarry, on what turned out to be our warmest September day. We later lunched at Castle Fraser, having cycled there through the back woods. No wonder they call this area Paradise - there's nowhere better than the beautiful north east of Scotland when the sun shines.

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Around Kemnay 2011 update

Around Kemnay 2011 update
New photos of Kemnay, the Point of Origin, Castle Fraser and Bennachie

Harvest heatwave...

...well, it was for a while anyway. As I write, the south of England is having its hottest ever October day. Here in the Shire, however, it's RAINING! It's raining, raining, raining. Oh well, at least we had a few days of really good weather at the end of September. 26 degrees last Thursday - quite tropical for Kemnay.

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12 September 2011

How to look silly

September 10: my birthday and the eve of Georgina's 40th.  We celebrated in style at a medieval banquet at Simon and Georgina's spread.  Good food, good company and everyone dressed for the part.  Paul made his costume, but not having those talents, I got mine off the web.

Short album

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6 September 2011

Sutherland scenic views

New photo album taken around the Bettyhill and River Naver area of Sutherland.
Click the pic to see the album.

North coast road trip

Big sister Dorene and I take a run along the north coast from Caithness into Sutherland.

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27 August 2011

22 August 2011

Welcome to the new look yatesorama!

...and you are very welcome to take a tour around this humble wee blogspot.

The site comprises mainly of family and friends photos, holiday scenes in Holland, France and Isle of Wight, plus an odd assortment of nonsense that makes me smile. There are some cool videos too.

Apart from declaring my strong faith as a Christian, I don't do religion, politics, social affairs or anything controversial on this site. The site is for fun only!

Coming soon: Winter 2011/12, archive Yates photos from the attic.  Also updated links to other Yates sites. Please get in touch if you'd like to link to/from yatesorama.  I hope to update the site at least monthly during the long winter Aberdeenshire nights.

I don't publish my email address! The easiest way to get in touch with me is through Facebook (Stuart Yates, Kemnay), or leave a comment on this page.

Paul took the photos in the montage - he needs the work, you know, so if you like his photos and you'd like to discuss his work or possible commissions, you can contact him on Facebook - Paul Stuart Lewis Yates.

Finally, click the pic to enlarge and see the castle! Where is it?  The clue may be lost east of New York! (easy peasy lemon squeezy!) 

14 August 2011

Isle of Wight holidays

I had a fabulous holiday on the Island this year: saw the family every day, cycled every day, had good journeys both north and south in the car.  It was good to spend some time with Gary and Caren, and Jackie, great to see Jan and Ge, and of course great to see Sam having lots of fun. Here's to the next time! 

New photo albums:
Isle of Wight views 2011
Southampton Water and the Solent

15 July 2011

Granny's grandson graduates in Granite City

Congratulations to Paul, who graduated as a Bachelor of Arts today in a ceremony at His Majesty's theatre, Aberdeen. Paul's degree is in photographic and electronic media.

I'm a very proud dad - well done Paul!

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More pics here
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3 May 2011

Austin 7

Spotted parked up on the Laird's Throat road near Monymusk, this wee beauty reminded mr of my first ever car, which was a 1936 Austin 7, bought on the Isle of Wight for five quid.

21 February 2011

In the swim!

On Wednesday 16th February. Sam got his first swimming diploma. Well done Sam!
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21 December 2010

Minus 17 tonight...

I popped over to Inverurie at lunch time. The scenery was absolutely stunning - bright blue sky, wall to wall sunshine, the brightness of all the snowy hills - - and -12 at noon! Our temerature at home this eveneing was a balmy minus 17, and dropping!

See the garden full of sna

Click the pic to enlarge
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19 December 2010

More snow - quel surprise!

Another day, another heavy snowfall. We've currently got around half a metre of snow lying... digging out each day is not much fun but has to be done... the lowest temperature we've had so far was minus 21.

Click to see pics taken in the garden this afternoon
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28 November 2010

Keep digging...

I ain't never seen nuffink like it, 'specially in November!

Every time the wee footpath snow plough goes round, it leaves a foot high mound of snow in front of my parking space. Yesterday, I had just finished digging said space out, when round it came - again. "Ho ho ho!" I felt the driver chortle, as he kindly deposited yet another foot-high ridge for me to shovel away.

Then of course there's the big road snow plough, which leaves even bigger mountains - and more shovelling. We haven't seen him today - yet. I have to go and dig out yet again to take Paul to work - what's the odds on the snowplough going round just after I've dug out? Aargh....

It's been like this since Wednesday night - I am soooo fed up with shovelling.

Update 5 December: There are mountains of snow everywhere! Minus 21 on Friday 3rd. MINUS TWENTY-ONE! Four foot long icicles, two feet deep in snow.

Click to see pics of sub-zero Kembhill Park
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26 November 2010

7 November 2010

France 2010

New photo albums from my 2010 trip to France, with a few oldies thrown in.

Gardoussel - some new pics of the house, Skye and Gaia, and the donkeys!

St. Andre de Valborgne - Alex and Sharon's local village.

Les Cevennes - an ongoing collection of mountain villages and scenery

Skyscapes - some Ooh! Aah! clouds to go Ooh! Aah! at. (Kemnay and Gardoussel)

(click the pic to enlarge)
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1 November 2010

The alien ship approaches...

Spotted coming over the hill at Gardoussel.

More pictures from France soon.

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5 September 2010

Five go mad in Orkney (the fifth took the photo)

See: the adventures of Dorene, Mike, Stu, Monique and Ewan as they visit Dunnet Head, the most northerly point in mainland Britain. Later, our intrepid troupe sets sail aboard the John O'Groats ferry across the notorious Pentland Firth to Orkney. There, they take a strange form of primitive transport to visit prehistoric sites. And there were lashings of yummy ice cream...

Read: snippets of fascinating info about a five thousand year old village, Skara Brae.

Hear: absolutely nothing. I don't do sound.

Link to Dunnet Head and Orkney album

It was totally fantastic to catch up with nephew Mike after at least two decades. Mike, you're a lovely person. You too Monique. I feel priveleged to know you both. God bless.
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26 July 2010

A drive along the Moray Firth

It was great to see my old mate Richard Dancey again! Richard came to stay in Kemnay for a week, and naturally we had to have a day or two exploring the north-east of Scotland.

Click here to see photos of our day out on the Moray Firth.

Click the pic to enlarge.
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17 July 2010

St. Andre de Valborgne

Another fine piece from Frances - - this is the very floral village square of St. Andre de Valborgne, nearby to Gardoussel.
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14 July 2010

Happy birthday Ge!

70 today, and you don't look anything near it!

I hope you have a really happy day today, and may you have many more in the future.

Much love from Stuart and Paul.

Now click this link
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13 July 2010

Vintage '51 Precision Bass

This is my new pride and joy - a Fender re-issue '51 Precision Bass. Thiis is s special edition of the world's very first bass guitar, produced by the great Leo Fender.

My model was made in Japan, and has that superior lacquer finish associated with Japanese Fenders, even on the fretboard. The body is made of alder, with a one-piece maple neck. The colour is "butterscotch blonde". It has the distinctive Telecaster-style headstock. And machine-knurled knobs!

When first introduced in 1951, the Fender Precision Bass received the following review in the Musical Merchandise Magazine:

Portable string bass really new

RADIO and Television Equipment Co., 207 Oak St., Santa Ana, Calif., announces a new "portable" string bass, which they say can be carried as easily as a guitar.

The new bass is styled similar to the Fender "Telecaster" Spanish guitar, but has only four strings which are tuned the same as on a conventional string bass. The instrument is fretted and includes a built-in electric pick-up.

Obviously, the new bass is a big departure from the standard type of bass, as it is only one-sixth the size and is played in the same position as a guitar, with a neck strap. The body is thin and solid and the neck is slender, the design permitting not only comfort but also ease in playing difficult chords.

Playing is done in "finger style" similar to clasiic guitar, rather than slapping or jerking the strings. It is said that not only can the bass player play difficult material much easier than ever before, but also that he would be less tired after a night of playing, as it requires very little string movement to produce full volume.

(click the pic to enlarge)
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